lauantai 2. marraskuuta 2013

In english

So, this is Peukaloinen´s blog about life in general, dreams, children (my own of course) and other random stuff. Nothing too serious. This introduction of me and my blog is for those readers, who don´t understand the gibberish (also known as finnish) I usually write. 

I´m a mother of three and a wife of a grumby old man. Well, not too old, but still, older than me. I am of course the head of the house, a beautiful and stylish lady with good manners and lovely singing voice. Everyone else might disagree, but let´s just pass those arguments.

I was thinking I could write short translations in english at the end of my texts. Is it a good idea? Well, we´ll see.......

As you can see, I don´t write too good english, so those translations shall be quite simple and short, just like me <3 

Most sincerely welcome you are, my fellow jediknights and other geeks, to read my blog <3

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